We produce medical cannabis of
exceptional quality in Europe

Our mission is to provide high grade,
accessible products you can rely on

5000 kg of indoor cannabis per year

About Us

Who we are?
Multicann is a licensed producer and is focused on the cultivation of quality, consistent medical cannabis. The company’s cultivation facility is located in Portugal. The Phase I facility has annual capacity of 3,000 kg of indoor cannabis. Plans are in place to expand this capacity within the existing building to 6,500kg.

Our experts spent a lot of time exploring and testing various growing systems and looking for better lighting for cannabis growing. Now we are fully confident that our growing system is one of the most efficient, and our Led lamps allow us to have more than 1 kg
per one lamp.
Our mission
is to provide high grade accessible products
you can rely on
We are committed to providing you with our experience, through the creation of better cannabis flower. We promise to drive the industry forward by constantly improving our techniques and practices. We take pride in growing High End Cannabis that respects each Cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. Every effort is made to ensure that each harvest is greater and better than the last.
What Is Our Vision?
Multicann’s vision is to be a European leader in the production of cannabis and cannabis-derived products that improve the health and well-being of users.
We specialize in a vertical growing systems, which allow us to constantly harvest high quality crops. Our vertical farming engineering system uses far less resources and space , evenly covers each grow deck with ultra-thin, specialized LED grow light frame technology which is powered using remote power servers positioned outside of the flower rooms, thus adding zero heat factor to the building.
We utilize state-of-the-art growing and cultivation technology to produce medical cannabis for those seeking a natural and holistic alternative for their health concerns. We produce top quality cannabis using pharmaceutical production methods to ensure natural, consistent and effective medicine in every crop we grow and harvest.
Our growing control technology allows us to monitor every aspect of the plant’s life cycle, from temperature and humidity, to light exposure and C02 levels, we optimize growing conditions to produce the highest quality medicine. The Multicann team is dedicated to the development of cannabis derived products for medical, adult-use recreational and ultimately pharmaceutical purposes.

growing technology


Our LEDs have the ability to create customized spectrums tailored to various phases in the grow cycle. This allows active photonic energy (PAR light) to be delivered to plants, stimulating growth and photosynthesis.The way in which lights are powered will make a considerable difference in energy savings and heat production.


Plantlets are grown using LED-enabled vertical farming technology and innovative indoor environmental controls. This significantly increases efficiency and productivity. Our LED grow lights consistently produce substantial cost savings, increase dry weight yields and improve potency. This lamps are mostly sutiful in vertical sea of green farming, with this technology and CO2 usage they can give more 1 kg of crops per 1 lamp

Sea of green technology

Our cannabis production technology produces better quality, yield, and standardization when compared to traditional cultivation methods. Vertical farming maximizes canopy area and yield per square meter. Its main appeal is how it allows us to achieve maximum yields of flower heads in the shortest time. We grow many smaller plants as opposed to fewer larger plants, thus reducing vegetative growth time and making it easier to completely fill a small space and maximizing light efficiency.

We use Vertical racks for both the vegetation and flower phases, using vertical racking systems increase canopy area by up to two times. By separating our crops into smaller, craft batches, we stagger our planting so that every strain has a new batch harvested to ensure our products are always fresh and always available.

In addition, our specialists have developed a special crop control system, which is based on artificial intelligence. With the help of tracking sensors and cameras placed over each rack, we can remotely monitor humidity, light, plant health and growth. Every cultivation parameter is monitored and controlled including C02 levels, temperature, humidity, lighting intensity, nutrient type, concentration and more.

Our proven crop control systems and Vertical sea of green cultivation ensures that we acheive maximal harvests while preventing common crop problems, pests and diseases.

Strategic development

Our company is building a Cannabis Indoor Growing Complex in Pedreiras, Portugal In several years we are going to have more than 25 000 sq m of indoor facilities. They will consist of 5 buildings for growing 2500 sq m each and 1 administration building for vega, warehouse, offices and etc


Build first 2500 sq m building, use 2000 sq m for growing and 500 sq m for vegetation, warehouse, trimming, drying and etc. Produce about 5 000 kg of dried flowers per year. Grow low THC strains, sell wholesale all over Europe. Start cosmetics production.


Build second 2500 sq m building and 3000 sq m main building, move dry and trimming equipment from the first building and use both building for growing. Start producing 12 000 kg of dried flowers per year. Grow both THC and CBD strains and start pharma production.


Build three more 2500 sq m buildings, start producing around 30 000 kg of product per year. Start edibles production.



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